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About me

I am a second year PhD student in Computer Science and Engineering at UCSD, with a research focus on sustainable computing. I am co-advised by Professors Ryan Kastner and Pat Pannuto.

I received an MEng and BS in computer science from MIT.

Publications, etc

Renée: New Life for Old Phones
J. Switzer, E. Siu, S. Ramesh, R. Hu, E. Zadorian and R. Kastner
IEEE Embedded Systems Letters. 2022.

Information Batteries: Storing Opportunity Power with Speculative Execution
Jennifer Switzer and Barath Raghavan
SIGENERGY Energy Informatics Review 1, 1 (November 2021), 1–11.

Matt Simon at Wired wrote a very nice article about this work.

Architecture of a Junkyard Datacenter
Jennifer Switzer, Ryan Kastner, Pat Pannuto
arXiv:2110.06870, October 2021.

Flexible Computing for Intermittent Energy
Jennifer Switzer
XRDS: Crossroads, The ACM Magazine for Students. Volume 27, Issue 4. Summer 2021.

TerraWatt: Sustaining Sustainable Computing of Containers in Containers
Jennifer Switzer, Rob McGuinness, Pat Pannuto, George Porter, Aaron Schulman, and Barath Raghavan
arXiv:2102.06614, February 2021.

NILM dashboard: A power system monitor for electromechanical equipment diagnostics
Andre Aboulian, Daisy H Green, Jennifer F Switzer, Thomas J Kane, Gregory V Bredariol, Peter Lindahl, John S Donnal, Steven B Leeb
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. Volume 15, Issue 3. June 2018.


Beyond operational efficiency: Nontraditional efforts for carbon-efficient computing
Invited Talk for the Green G Working Group. 5-6-22.

Junkyard datacenters: Carbon-efficient computing systems from old phones (short version)
UCSD CNS Research Review. 4-29-22.

Junkyard datacenters: Carbon-efficient computing systems from old phones (long version)
Guest Lecture for CSE 291: The Environmental Impact of Modern Computing. 4-25-22.


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